It was a great day yesterday at San Telmo Museum, in Bilbao, where in the context of Hello Robot Expo we had the presentation of the teaser of our second documentary on Inclusive Robotics leaded by the Institute of Philosophy of the CSIC which will deal with the main worries and questions that the society have around robotics, most of them possed by cinema and books.

The documentary was presented by Daniel López Castro (IFS-CSIC), Director of the documentary and after it we had a round table, moderated by Txesu Ausín (IFS-CSIC), named “Do androids dream of electric sheep? Myths, realities, ethics and robotics law” in which participated José Luis Pons (Cajal Institute-CSIC) the previous coordinator of INBOTS Project, Amparo Grau (Complutense University of Madrid) Associate Professor (Full Professor) of Financial and Tax Law, Aníbal Monasterio Astobiza (UPV/EHU) and Arantxa Rentería (TECNALIA).

Workshop on Inclusive Robotic & brain-machine technologies