Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the subject of a great deal of academic interest in recent times; it has captured the attention of copyright lawyers fascinated by the thought of machines creating works of art, music and literature. There is no doubt that, as has often happened in the past during previous waves of technological advances, AI platforms—and especially, machine learning—have brought with them new opportunities as well as challenges.

A few weeks ago the world could read the first article written by AI at the Guardian newspaper, but the hability of Artificial Intelligence to create knowledge will go further and legislation must consider this in order to ensure the protection of Intelectual Property Rights. In the Paper Artificial Intelligence as Producer and Consumer of Copyright Works: Evaluating the Consequences of Algorithmic Creativity Enrico Bonadio and Luke MacDonagh, from the City Law School, analyses the actual state of the art and explores on the consequences of this technology for the new knowledge creation and propose how the regulation must progress.

When does AI become a producer & consumer of Copyright?