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The status of the milestones is shown in the following table:


Means of verificationStatusModify status
1Kick-off meeting8CSIC1Plan of actions. List of action items for participants.-
2Consortium Set-Up complete8CSIC3Project Plan, Schedule signed-off. Management procedures defined and agreed among partners. D8.1-
3Middle-term Conference7CSIC12Minutes of Middle-term Conference-
4Long-term Conference7CSIC24Minutes of Long-term Conference-
5Final Conference7CSIC36D7.5 and Minutes of Final Conference-
6Plan for the Exploitation and Dissemination of Results (PEDR)7INNCOME4D7.4-
7Communication Plan7INNCOME4D7.3-
8Project finishedAllCSIC36Evaluation document. All deliverables completed. Results collected, analysed and published/classified.-