INBOTS is a CSA bringing together experts from the di¬fferent disciplines involved in the understanding and acceptance of Interactive Robotics
INBOTS fosters the collaboration between four pillars and six areas of expertise.
INBOTS Pillars:

  • Business pillar – players that are deeply involved in commercialisation and marketing of robotic systems.
  • Technical pillar – academic or industrial experts that are currently realising eff¬orts in researching and developing new robotic technology.
  • Ethical, Legal and Socioeconomic pillar – partners with a background on social and legal science, which have been actively participating in current discussions about robotics and about responsible research and innovation actions.
  • End Users, Policy Makers and General Public pillar – guaranteeing that they will be actively involved, informed and trained on current and future developments in Interactive Robotics.

INBOTS Areas of Expertise:

  • Entrepreneurship and non-technical support to SMEs.
  • Debate on legal, ethics & socio-economic aspects.
  • Accessible and multidisciplinary education programs.
  • Standardization and benchmarking.
  • Regulation and risk management framework
  • Societal and socio-economic uptake