INBOTS members from all over Europe got together for the third and last annual meeting which took place at The Institute of Philosophy in Madrid on a two-day event that was arranged with the purpose of defining the project’s future path. The team successfully discussed the previous performance of each one of the knowledge fields and established a series of strategies that will be carried out throughout 2020.

It´s important to remember that one of the main goals of the INBOTS project is to boost the community growth of the knowledge fields all together, through standardization and benchmarking, debate on legal, ethics and socio-economic aspects, regulation and risk management, as well as socio-economic uptake.

‘‘Our goals are still valid. The changes on technology will create new opportunities and solutions for society’’, were the words of Juan Moreno, INBOTS Coordinator and CSIC Director, since the project has achieved significant results in the short term with very few deviations.

One of the main topics addressed at the meeting was the communication strategy. Given that the project targets both academic and non- academic audiences, the team agreed that communication represents a key factor for the project and decided to give emphasis on the improvement of content that will be publicly shared: lighter information, surveys and interviews data, multilingual posts and shorter quality videos.

In addition, INBOTS will also address the entrepreneurship and non-technical support to SME´s aspect on the White Papers, by providing valuable information and support, current and future market opportunities in specific robotic cases and developing appropriate business models and facilitate the networking between SMEs, large companies and potential end-users.

On the other hand, the team also discussed the educational approach of the project, specifically, the accessible and multidisciplinary education programs, and will focus on bachelor, master´s and PHD students by trying establishing links between INBOTS and European and international training exchange programs, besides of participating on many innovation, robotic and technological events, such as the EDUROBOTICS in Siena and European Summer School expo that will take place in Athens. INBOTS will also participate on the European Robotics Forum 2020 in Malaga and the Global Robot Expo in Madrid, among others throughout the project’s last year.

¿What should be expected from INBOTS?

The Team agreed to keep working together in synergy, willing to face all the new year´s challenges and ready to accomplish all the ambitions. Filled with innovative ideas, new partners and improved strategies, The INBOTS project and its Team are looking forward to taking the first steps towards action.

The INBOTS team begin 2020 on the right track