EUROBENCH project is progressing in the development of the first benchmarking framework for bipedal robotics in europe, and soon, they will be ready to receive the first testers.

EUROBENCH is an EU funded project that started in 2018 with the aim of creating a benchmarking framework where two facilities (one in Italy and another one in Spain) and a unified software would allow developers of exoskeletons, prostheses, humanoid robots, and other types of overground robots, test their technologies at the EUROBENCH facilities or from their own laboratory using the unified software.

This framework is being built by 17 teams that were selected during a public Open Call in which more than 50 proposals were submitted. These teams are building the testbeds and developed the software needed to record the performing capacities of the different technologies. EUROBENCH, considering the actual situation, estimates that the benchmarking framework could be ready at the begining of 2021 to receive the first testers.

Once the benchmarking facilities are finished, and before opening them to anyone interested in using them, EUROBENCH will open a second FSTP Open Call in which any developer interested in testing their technology at the benchmarking facilities will be able to do it and receive a contribution of up to € 60.000 to do so.

This second Open Call will be available in September, but in order to allow interested participants present an improved proposal, during the month of May anyone interested can pre-register their proposal in order to receive feedback and get benefits when the Call is officially open.

If you are developing a bipedal robotic technology, such as an exoskeleton, prosthesis, humanoid robot or other types of overground robots don’t miss this opportunity to test it, validate its capacities and contribute to the development of the industry.

The first benchmarking framework for robotics is closer