INBOTS aims to develop a standardization strategy for Interactive Robotics in the manufacturing, healthcare and consumer domain.

An interactive robot is, in our point of view, any robot that is interacting in close proximity with humans, and due to the increase of their presence in the daily life and the increasing access to them, we want to gain knowledge of the robotics communities requirements in terms of standardization and the regulatory framework. INBOTS therefore is inviting stakeholders engaged in the development, manufacturing or employing of interactive robots to share their experiences on this topic.

By participating in this survey, experts have the chance to voice their opinion and thereby make them heard on standardization of interactive robots. The results will be spread throughout the robotics community and presented to the European Commission. The survey is structured in the following sections:

  1. Association information,
  2. Challenges with standardization system,
  3. Usage of standards,
  4. Satisfaction with standard quantity,
  5. Challenges with regulatory framework.

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It will approximately take you 15 minutes to answer the 30 question of the survey. If you enter your contact details, you will receive the final report of the survey.
A survey to hear the experts on standardization of Interactive Robotics