On December 14th, Monica Malvezzi our consortium member from the University of Sienna gave a talk in a Seminar on “Robotics: sharing experiences between schools, universities and employment” organized by Isis Valdarno and the Comune di Montevarchi, two Tuscany institutions. The seminar, with an attendance of 250 people,  was an useful nexus between students, teachers and professional working in the development of robotics to share how is the education in robotics being implemented and showed up the importance in learning on Robotics for the future workers who, in many domains, will have to interact with this kind of technologies.

Monica Malvezzi leads the INBOTS team working in the identification of good practices in the education on robotics to set the best practices and allow the European Commission set a guide for educators to prepare future workers for a working environment full of robots with the ones they must interact. At this seminar, Monica presented her experience on wearable robot development and presented the INBOTS project as an important opportunity to join efforts for the development and uptake of interactive robotics in Europe.


One of the developments carried out by Monica Malvezzi, from the University of Siena Group

INBOTS shares experiences in the education on robotics