The value of the European Union shines specially in times of crisis. Given the strong spreading capacity and mortality rate of the COVID 19, the European Commission seeks to make healthcare systems more efficient in order to sustain European society.

The Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Unit of the European Commission has launched an initiative to collect ideas about deployable Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics solutions as well as information on other initiatives that could help to cope with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

At INBOTS, we are working to promote and accelerate the acceptance of interactive robotics, for which purpose we have brought together experts from different disciplines to evaluate and propose solutions to overcome the barriers that prevent the access of interactive robotics to the market. In this regard, we are working on the analysis of the current crisis to identify specific applications where the adoption of interactive robotic solutions could contribute to better overcome this situation.. Take a look to our analysis of the COVID19 crisis.

Europe wants to play as one and take advantage of every development made to make it scalable and replicable. The European Commission’s initiative aims to create a unique repository that is easily accessible to all citizens, stakeholders and policymakers and can become part of the common European response to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Everyone interested in contributing can find all the information on this site.

With this initiative, Europe can show the world the essence of its existence and be a reflection of this doctor words:

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