Last week Waseda University in Tokyo hosted a seminar on robotics which was also joined by INBOTS researchers, Dr Luke McDonagh and Dr Enrico Bonadio, and attracted more than 100 people. The series of talks have focused on robotics research, innovation and related IP strategies, with speakers coming from academia and the industry.

In the event, that count on the participation of relevant speakers from private companies and university researchers, Prof. Luke McDonagh presented a talk named “The Flow of innovation” where he exposed present IP practices used between Universities, Governments and the Private Sector in the field of Robotics. On the other hand, Prof. Enrico Bonadio presented the present state of patents in the field of Robotics.

Dr Bonadio and Dr McDonagh have expanded on the role of universities in the field of robotics and highlighted the scope of analysis of the INBOTS project. Dr Bonadio and McDonagh have also covered recent US and European litigations focusing on IP protection of robots.


 Prof. Enrico Bonadio during his presentation

Prof. Luke McDonagh and Prof. Enrico Bonadio with Prof. Takabayashi
INBOTS visit the Waseda University to talk about relevant issues concerning Robotics