On Thursday, 12th of July an International Workshop on “Responsible Research and Innovation in Robotics” was held as a part of INBOTS CSA. The workshop was organised by Amparo Grau, Proffessor of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and leader of the Workpackage on Promoting debate on legal, ethics and socio-economic aspects of robotics.

The workshop gathered different experts from different areas on Regulation and Responsible Innovation in Robotics whom talked about legal and intellectual property issues dealing with the introduction of interactive robotics and artificial intelligence in the society.

Whom is the property of a music piece delivered by a machine? How is the system prepared for overcoming this challenges? What are the changes to be introduced in the regulation?

These are some of the questions that arose in a very interesting and successful afternoon with high level participants from UCM, The CITY School of Law (CITY, University of London), Instituto Cajal (CSIC), Madrid Bar Association.

INBOTS CSA aims at being a reference point for the European society and stakeholders in order to highlight those aspects that need to be solved at the policy level to ensure a successful introduction of robots into the society to make better our everyday life.

INBOTS INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP on Responsible Research and Innovation in Robotics held in Madrid on July 12th