From INBOTS we are commited to support startups and companies developing interactive robotics technologies offering them a reference on how to develop their bussiness plans, identifying funding opportunituies, finding useful tools, learning on IPR & legal issues and getting access to a relevant community of networking.

If you are an entrepreneur or if you are working in the development of a new Project of development of technologies in the interactive robotics fields, THIS IS YOUR COMMUNITY to keep uptated and recibe help to success.

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Which is our commitment from INBOTS with entrepreneurs?


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October 2020

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    INBOTS members from all over Europe got together for the third and last annual meeting which took place at The Institute of Philosophy in Madrid on a two-day event that was arranged with the purpose of defining the project’s future path. The team successfully discussed the previous performance of each one of the knowledge fields and established a series of strategies that will be carried out throughout 2020.

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