What is ROTECO about?

ROTECO is a teaching community interested in preparing students for the digital society through educational robotics and computer science.

The project is supported by 3 institutions (EPFL, ETHZ and SUPSI-DFA) and is financed by the Swiss Academy of Sciences. Several Swiss Universities of Teacher Education have also joined the project.

This project is creating a community of teachers who want to prepare their students for a digital society. Within this community, they research, test, develop and share educational robotics and computer science activities adapted for their classrooms. They are informed of the latest events and workshops concerning robotics and computer science activities in the vicinity of their school.

ROTECO count with the collaboration of a number of institutions and companies in the fields of education and innovation support.

What is the goal and activity of ROTECO?

The main goal of ROTECO is to support teachers so that they can implement educational robotics and computer science activities in their classrooms.

The community exists through the sharing of ideas and resources among its members. The idea and challenge is to design among all the community an innovative school ecosystem and prepare students for the future.

Why can ROTECO and INBOTS mutually benefit from collaboration?

ROTECO community is an example of wath INBOTS is willing to bring to Europe. They have already listed and tested a number of resources for teachers interested in implementing educational robotics programs in their classrooms; now INBOTS can spread the word and bring this knowledge further and increase this community in order to allow schools from all EUROPE access the community and increase further the number of tools, resources and activities that promote and facilitate the learning of robotics.

INBOTS collaboration with ROTECO