What is RobotUnion about?

 RobotUnion is designed to increase the number of unicorns in Europe in leveraging on European uniqueness and expertise in robotics related fields by implementing an ambitious programme which consists of:

  • State-of-the-art technical support and access to “premier-class” technology provided by top Research and Technology Organizations like VTT, DTI, TU Delft, TECNALIA, and PIAP.
  • World-class Training and high-level Business Mentoring by a pool of tier 1 mentors from Google, Airbnb, Ikea, Yahoo, Prisa, Microsoft, among others, provided by ISDI.
  • Internationalization services. Presence in top EU Scaleups events such as 4YFN@Mobile World Congress, Slush, Web Summit and International PR exposure powered by Mobile World Capital.
  • Fundraising services provided by Blumorpho (private funding) and FundingBox (public funding).
  • Engagement with world top industry leaders such as MADE representing world Manufacturing leaders like Danfoss, Grundfos or Vestas among others. ARLA in Agri-Food; FENIN in Healthcare and FERROVIAL in Civil Infrastructure.

RobotUnion will invest €4 million in 40 companies during 2 open calls from 2018 to 2020. In each open call, we will select 20 companies and will invest €2million.


What is the goal and activity of RobotUnion?

The main goal of ‘RobotUnion’ is to stimulate SMEs in the robotics sector to develop novel and challenging technology and systems applicable to new markets. ¨RobotUnion¨ will scout and support Scaleups: companies presenting high growth potential in developing and providing robotics. As Scaleups companies, RobotUnion will consider both emerging start-ups presenting disruptive technologies and business models, but also more established companies with existing activities that plan to transform their industries and markets through robotics solutions.

The consortium will contribute to overcome systemic challenges (# innovation barriers) that are constraining the capability of European promising companies to develop novel and innovative technology that has the potential to open new markets for Robotics in domains like Manufacturing, Agro Food, Healthcare and Civil infrastructure.


Why can ROBOTUNION and INBOTS mutually benefit from collaboration?

RobotUnion´s will select and support 40 robotics companies with European Funding and transversal collaboration between projects and different players form the European Robotic Market. During the Acceleration program ROBOTUNION will create a unique ecosystem (Marketplace) for the Robotic Industry. which will allow to involve services from outside of consortium and to support more startups beyond the project. RobotUnion invites all experts to discussion the future of Robotics in Europe and to support them with the search for the top players. RobotUnion is constantly looking for Evaluators, Research Facilities, Corporates and Investors who would like to be involved in their ecosystem.

All their work will contribute to the creation of new powerfull companies in the robotic industry, one of the objectives of INBOTS, at the same time that ptomotes collaboration among experts and market players.

Currently the second Open Call is open until 30th April and we are looking for applicants which will be interested to join our unique Acceleration Program dedicated to Robotic Startups. Application link is available here: https://robotunion.fundingbox.com/

INBOTS collaboration with RobotUnion