In mid-June, members of the consortium held a follow-up meeting of the project in Berlin where they took advantage of the opportunity to make further progress on several of the issues related to support for entrepreneurs, intellectual property, standardization and the search for good practices…

Work was also carried out on the key project event, the INBOTS Conference, which will take place from 16 to 20 October 2018 in the Italian city of Pisa. This Conference, which will be held in parallel with the International Conference on Neurorehabilitation and the International Symposium on Wereable Robotics, will be a unique opportunity for more than 200 scientists, academics, developers and end users from the world of robotics to discuss and share experiences for better development and commercialization of interactive robotics.

During this meeting held in Berlin, some of the main activities to be carried out were agreed upon, such as:
– The collection of success stories that can serve as an example for new companies that want to develop in the field of interactive robotics. For which Francesco Ferro (PAL Robotics) or Nicola Vitiello (IUVO) among others will be counted on.
– Advance in the identification of standardization needs to optimize the production and marketing of interactive robots, for which we will have leading companies from different fields such as TECNALIA (health) or PAL Robotics (mass consumption).
– To identify good practices that allow the development of interactive robotics adapted to the needs and expectations of end users, for which Robert Riener (ETH Zurich) and Geraldine Fitzpatrick (Vienna University of Technology) will be involved.

In the coming weeks, the speakers will continue to be confirmed as well as the sessions and workshops that will be held during the Conference.

In addition, during this meeting, work continued on some of the other activities included in this project, such as the definition and search for financing opportunities and support structures for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises seeking to grow in the development of solutions in the field of interactive robotics.

Getting ready for INBOTS Conference