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Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
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 1 Promote entrepreneurship and non-technical support to SMEsIUVO
 1.1 Realise a robotic market analysisIUVO
 1.1.1 Review current target marketsIUVO
 1.1.2 Clarify potential users and their geographical coverageIUVO
 1.1.3 Clarify the economic size of the target marketsPAL
 1.1.4 Inform about EU positioning in interactive roboticsVDI/VDE-IT
 1.2 Support SMEs and entrepreneursTECNALIA
 1.2.1 Collect information on funding instruments related to Interactive RoboticsVDI/VDE-IT
 1.2.2 Assist on IPR managementCITY
 1.2.3 Collect innovative business model’s best practicesVDI/VDE-IT
 1.2.4 Collect exploitation strategies best practicesTECNALIA
 2 Promote debate on legal, ethics & socio-economic aspectsUCM
 2.1 Clarify liability, risk management and insurance issuesSSSA
 2.2 Clarify the role of IP lawCITY
 2.3 Determine the impact of interactive robotics in the labour marketUCM
 2.4 Provide an overview of financial and tax law, labour and social security lawUCM
 2.5 Assessment of human acceptance and ethical concerns of interactive roboticsUNIVLEEDS
 2.6 Assessment of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and inequalitiesUCM
 3 Promote highly-accesible and multidisplinary education programsUNISI
 3.1 Identify specific training needs, organization of workshops and network buildingUNISI
 3.1.1 Identify training needs for pre-academic educationUNISI
 3.1.2 Identify training needs for academic educationUNISI
 3.1.3 Identify specific training for different domain’s applicationsUNISI
 3.1.4 Promote thematic courses, winter and summer schoolsCSIC
 3.2 Create a sustainable framework to promote education in robotics and with robotics (from pre-school to university)EDUMOTIVA
 3.2.1 Create a curricula for introducing robotics in school educationEDUMOTIVA
 3.2.2 Create open educational resourcesEDUMOTIVA
 3.2.3 Promote learning activities focused on interactive robotics, adapted to each education levelEDUMOTIVA
 3.3 Create a sustainable framework to promote education in robotics and with robotics at universityUNISI
 3.3.1 Create open educational resources for bachelor, master, and PhD studentsUNISI
 3.3.2 Establish links with European and international training/exchange ProgramsCSIC
 3.4 Promote workforce training and inclusion programsVDI/VDE-IT
 3.4.1 Identify the main sectors influenced by interactive roboticsVDI/VDE-IT
 3.4.2 Define training and inclusion programsVDI/VDE-IT
 3.4.3 Create guidelines for comprehensive technical materialVDI/VDE-IT
 4 Coordinate standardization and benchmarkingDIN
 4.1 Identify needs and gaps in standardization and benchmarking in different application domainsDIN
 4.2 Develop an approach to include horizontal aspects into standardization activitiesDIN
 4.3 Develop a standardization strategy considering specific aspects to safety and performance (related to regulatory domains)TECNALIA
 4.3.1 Develop specific aspects related to safety and performance for IRs in the medical regulatory domainTECNALIA
 4.3.2 Develop specific aspects related to safety and performance for IRs in the industrial regulatory domainCRF
 4.3.3 Develop specific aspects related to safety and performance for IRs in consumer and service regulatory domainPAL
 5 Propose a regulatory & risk management frameworkSSSA
 5.1 Identify the needs and gaps in the regulatory framework of European countriesSSSA
 5.2 Analyse current compliance with the regulatory framework and incentive assessmentSSSA
 5.3 Define procedures to establish links with European regulatory entities and engage in the regulatory processUCM
 5.4 Discuss regulatory processes with the European regulatory entitiesSSSA
 5.5 Propose modifications of the legal regulatory frameworkSSSA
 6 Promote societal and socio-economic uptake of roboticsKTH
 6.1 Identify gaps and needs related to the current level of understanding of robotics by publicKTH
 6.2 Define a common strategy to increase public awareness about interactive roboticsKTH
 6.3 Develop specific actions to bring robotics closer to the public and to build a future robotics societyCSIC
 6.3.1 Promote specific activities to disseminate robotics knowledge among general publicCSIC
 6.3.2 Promote synergy with competitions and other international eventsETH
 6.3.3 Produce dissemination and communication materialsCSIC
 7 Organize dissemination & robotics communnity outreach activitiesINNCOME
 7.1 Develop communication activitiesINNCOME
 7.1.1 Develop visual identity and project website, and foster communication activities through social networksINNCOME
 7.1.2 Develop the communication strategyINNCOME
 7.2 Develop dissemination activitiesCSIC
 7.2.1 Develop the dissemination strategyCSIC
 7.2.2 Organize the INBOTS ConferenceCSIC
 7.2.3 Coordinate international workshopsCSIC
 7.2.4 Coordinate special issues on ISI/Scopus scientific journalsCSIC
 7.2.5 Promote networking and cooperation with on-going projectsCSIC
 7.2.6 Produce dissemination material & final eventCSIC
 8 Management & CoordinationCSIC
 8.1 Define the consortium operating proceduresCSIC
 8.2 Manage project administrative, legal and financial issuesCSIC
 8.3 Coordinate technical issues of the projectCSIC
 8.4 Manage and coordinate INBOTS MeetingsCSIC
 8.5 Assess INBOTS impactsCSIC
 8.5.1 Define measurable performance indicators and baselines to assess INBOTS impactsCSIC
 8.5.2 Assess project impactsCSIC
 8.6 Monitor formal/organisational management of advisory boardsCSIC
 8.7 Creation of a sustainable framework for INBOTS communityCSIC
 9 Ethics requirementsCSIC