The EUROBENCH project, which aim is to built the first benchmarking framework for bipedal robotics, with two facilities and one open software, will sum a total of two FSTP Open Calls to fund third parties who will be in charge of making all the developments required for the achievement of its purposes.

The first of these Open Calls was open from July to October 2018, and summed 93 participants from 15 different countries from Europe and abroad, who had presented a total of 53 proposals. The projects submitted has demonstrated a deep collaboration among entities from different countries, having more that the 65% of the proposals more than one participant.

From all the received proposals, just a few will receive funding to develop their solutions and integrate them in the two benchmarking facilities, placed in Spain and Italy, and in the unified benchmarking software. The results of the evaluation process are estimated to be reported to applicants in February 2019. A few weeks later they will be requested to start their activities. And in June 2020, the second FSTP Open Call will open to proposals focused on testing real bipedal robotics prototypes, either exoskeletons, prostheses or humanoids, using the EUROBENCH Framework!

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EUROBENCH project FSTP-1 Open Call first results