Robots are not anymore bound to factories behind fences. Interactive robots are entering our everyday live and standards are needed to describe for example the safe interactive of a human with the robot or the performance that is asked of by the interactive robot. INBOTS conducted therefore a standards research to identify what has already been developed and to get an overview who the relevant International and European Standardisation Commitees are.

The catalogue shows the existing standards, emerging standards and guidelines from the International and European level, potentially relevant for improving interactive robots. The research also referes to hamonised standards. Harmonised standards are drawn up on the basis of a standardisation “request” (formerly called a “mandate”) by the European Commission (or EFTA). The partner leading these activities is the German Institute for Standardization.

The standards are additionally grouped into the following categories: Ergonomic, Safety, Test, General, Information and Communication Technology, Acoustic, Environment, and Electromagnetic-compatibility.

Check out the overview of interactive robotic standards.



One of our main goals in INBOTS is to develop a standardisation strategy for interactive robots in the manufacturing, healthcare and consumer domain. All project partners from different domains are closely working together to identify the current challenges and needs of the robotics community in terms of standardisation. These needs are compared with the catalogue of already existing standards and potential future standardisation topics will be descriped in the INBOTS White Paper.

Organisations that want to elaborate and push the development of new standards in certain topics can use the below form to hand in their ideas and maybe become a part of the development team of the White Paper. The proposals will be proofed by the German Institute of Standardisation (DIN) and the proposers will be consulted on how best to proceed with their idea.

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