INBOTS will promote community support and outreach, in order to promote robotics uptake by general public. For this, and thanks to the inclusion of different partner with expertise in education and dissemination, several tasks aimed at describing and illustrating interactive robotics applications in the manufacturing, healthcare and domestic domains will be developed.

More concisely, INBOTS will collect best practices of new robotic applications, grasp the societal values, needs and expectations of robotics and what specific robotic applications are needed and identify a set of key areas where potential to meet society’s needs is great and clear (ethically acceptable and socially desirable). INBOTS will bring together a variety of stakeholders to exchange ideas and expertise, and co-create experience-based evidence through knowledge generation, dissemination and sharing, raising awareness about robotics – pros and cons (considering effects and potential impacts on the environment and society), promoting interest and acceptance of robotics and bringing attention to the connection between robotics development and societal development. The partner leading these activities is the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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