INBOTS aims to promote a series of debates on the existing ethical, legal and socio-economic barriers around robotics that will contribute to overcome non-technical barriers related to robotics uptake.

Some of the main controversial topics that are being considered are the liability, risk management and insurance issues, the discussions derived from intellectual and industrial property law, the impact of interactive robotics in the labour market, considering the application of financial and tax rules, together with labour and social security law; and, finally, the human acceptance of interactive robotics, besides the possible corporations’ behaviours to promote their engagement  with social responsibility strategies, as individual and territorial inequalities will undoubtedly rise. The partner responsable of these activities is the University Complutense from Madrid

The outcome of this critical thinking will serve to develop a robotic responsible research and innovation paradigm; and simultaneously will allow the assessment of a sound use of robots in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

At INBOTS we are celebrating constant debates on all this issues, cheack out CALENDAR of EVENTS to participate.

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