Organized by CEN / CENELEC, with the support of the European Commission

The “Boosting innovation through standards” conference 2019, sets to strengthen European Businesses

On 13 November 2019, CEN and CENELEC, the European Standards Organization, organized the high-level flagship event “Boosting innovation through standards” conference 2019, which aimed to accelerate the market uptake of research and innovation (R&I) outcomes by using standardization as an enabler. The conference (with over 40 high-level speakers) offered an opportunity for new types of businesses, including startups and SMEs, to network and gain insights on:

  • speeding up the adoption of research and innovation outcomes;
  • generating trust for innovative ideas;
  • driving business scaling across markets.

INBOTS was presented by Arantxa Renteria (Tecnalia) in the Session III: Standards + Co-creation: “Co-creating standardization interfaces and mechanisms”. CEN-CENELEC strategic Innovation Plan intends to develop best practice on how to involve research consortia (Horizon 2020 and national or similarly financed consortia) in standardization. This will among others be achieved by offering research consortia the opportunity/infrastructure to develop standardization deliverables that fit their needs. Within this context, the characteristics of the CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) and the process to produce them was evaluated on their suitability to meet the needs of research consortia.


Tecnalia introduced INBOTS with a video and explained why standardization is needed when dealing with interactive robotics, including the current status in INBOTS regarding open issues and requests regarding standardization.