The interactive visualization available here could represent for the user a useful tool to carry out analyses and considerations on the dataset collected; the proposed visualization consists of two dashboards aim at providing different perspectives on the same data:

  • Dashboard #1 – INTERACTIVE ROBOTICS OVERVIEW: it provides all the data and graphics shown in the sections above regarding company data, R&D funding, IP approach in an aggregated manner to highlight the differences between the four interactive robotic fields. The reader can select all the fields together or analysing one of them independently. It consists of two main parts: one fixed part, that is highlighted by the light blue square, showing (i) the total share of the companies analysed for all the four fields, (ii) the share of the companies with R&D projects funded, divided into the four fields and (iii) the share of the companies with IP applications/filed, divided into the four fields; and one variable part, that are all the remaining figures showing (i) the headquarter distribution worldwide and their distributions among the continents, (ii) the share of company sizes, (iii) the founding year, (iv) the founding volumes over the years, (v) patent applications over time and (vi) main IPC classes adopted by the companies.
  • Dashboard #2 – INTERACTIVE COMPANY OVERVIEW: it is more focused on the individual company level and thus provides a competitive overview between the individual stakeholders. It consists of variable figures that are updated according to the selection of the specific company through the filter on top of the page; in this way, it is possible for the reader to analyse in details different approaches followed by different companies working either in the same field or in a different one. Main figures shown report the short facts of the company, the level of public funding and R&D projects and the level of innovation and IP strategy. It is interesting to note that in the short facts it is presented and aggregated overview showing the position of the specific company among all the others in terms of N° of funded R&D projects (x axis) and N° of patent applications (y axis).