Today Amparo Grau, leader of WP2 which regards the promotion of debate on legal, ethics & socio-economic aspects, attended together with Professor José Ignacio López Sánchez, Professor of Business Organisation at UCM and Director of the Research Group on Production and Information and Communication Technologies at Big Data, the Spanish radio station CAPITAL RADIO to talk about Big Data, AI and Robotics.

In this program they talked about how, nowadays, big data analysis allows Artificial Intelligence evolve and equalize themselves with human brain capacity. In this sense, they took the opportunity to explain how does Artificial Intelligence works and the profits that we can make of them with a responsible use, and how some companies are giving new uses to robots, which tente to substitute humans in professions such as broker or CEOs.

Going through some other important issues related with the incorporation of robots in the economy and daily life, Amparo Grau explained the importance of INBOTS project and how the team composing this WP2 is working in the development of a White Paper originated to help the European Commission in the process of legislating the new roles of robotics in the society.

During the argue, some hot issues related with the introduction of robots as work force where threated and Amparo Grau exposed as, instead of being a risk for human labour positions, Robotics could mean a reduction in labour accidents helping workers in the development of risky task and, even, facilitate the access of disabled people thanks to new connected prostheses; all of it meaning a reduction on social costs for public administrations.

AI and Robotics, a threat or an opportunity