Since last September the 1st, all those developers of robotic technologies such as exoskeletons, humanois, prosthesis and other overground robots, can present their proposals to get funded with up to € 100.000 for testing and validating their technology at the first benchmarking framework in Europe.

The architect of this feat is EUROBENCH, an EU funded project that, in their first Open Call, selected 17 projects from universities and private companies to be the creators of the testbenches that will allow the testing and benchmarking of these technologies. These tetbenches will be allocated in two facilities, one in Madrid, which will host all the exoskeletons and prosthesis, and a second one in Genoa for the testing of humanoids; in addition, there will be a unified online software that will allow anyone, from anywhere, test their technology from their own lab.

The facilities are already in the construction phase, but from April 2021, a number of elected will be the first ones in getting access and being able to test their technology. This will serve to validate the facilities and allow the robotics industry one step further in the market reach. With this benchmarking, EUROBENCH will allow developers and marketers compare their technology with others in the market, what will provide more information to consumers enabling them taking a better choice. EUROBENCH facilities will, then, be ready to welcome any interested developer to test their technology from 2022.

All the data generated from the analysis of these tests will allow the generation of new standards that will foster the robotic industry. From INBOTS we are concerned about the creation of new standards that will allow the developers create safer and more adapted technologies, what will increase the uptake and comsumtion of thes technologies, if you want to learn more about our work on stardardization visit our section and check our Wite Paper here.

So if you want to be the first one in testing your technology at EUROBENCH banchmarking framework, don’t miss this oportunity and apply for their FSTP-2 Open Call the sooner, because the proposals will be evaluated under the first come- first served policy.

More information about EUROBENCH FSTP-2 Open Call here

A step closer to benchmarking on robotics