• WP6: KTH, a leader in technical research leading the robotics uptake
    We interview Susanne Frennert, PhD Rehabilitation Engineering and member of the KTH team at INBOTS leader of the WP 6.   Which is the role of KTH in the INBOTS project? KTH is the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. We are responsible for one third of Sweden’s capacity for technical research and is the country’s largest organizer of technical/engineering education at university level. As such, we can contribute with our knowledge, expertise and research, as well as experience from various EU projects. Our role in the INBOTS project is to bring together a variety of stakeholders to exchange ideas and expertise, and co-create […]
  • INBOTS Collaboration with DIH2
    What is DIH² about? DIH² is a network of 26 DIHs (digital innovation hubs), with a target to reach over 170 DIHs.  The  sole  aim  of  the  network  is  to  spark  incremental  (cut  50%  cost  of  advance  robotics  solutions,  double  the  growth  of  robotics  market)  and  disruptive  (maximum productivity & optimum agility) innovations in over 300,000 Manufacturing SMEs and Mid-Caps. The  program  will  support  SMEs  in  their  Agile  Production  challenge  (50%  increase  in productivity)  and  unleash  their  digitalization potential by enabling robot solutions that are  more cost-effective at lower lot sizes. More information on […]

Legal, Ethics & socio-economics aspects

INBOTS aims to promote a series of debates on the existing ethical, legal and socio-economic barriers around robotics that will contribute to overcome non-technical barriers related to robotics uptake.   Some of the main controversial topics that are being considered

The Consortium

25 partners from 13 different countries on the basis of the multidisciplinary expertise and trans-nationality required for meeting its objectives


Papers and other publications Robotics and Labour Law Final Fiscal Law May 2018 Artificial Intelligence and civil law: liability rules for drones New technologies and Law. Challenges and opportunities posed by Robotics and Artificial Intelligence