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  • Published article in “Acreditas” about Higher Education (Spanish)
    Dr. Monica Malvezzi and Dr. Amparo Grau talks about the INBOTS project, from the perspective of Higher Education (pages 9-11): […]
  • International EURA Conference “Regulating UncertAInty” (8-9 April, 2021)
    During the two days, internationally-renowned scholars will participate in the conference discussing the following questions: What is the relationship between law and ethics? Can and should ethics be used for regulatory purposes? What is the most appropriate level for regulating AI: local, regional, international or global? To what extent should we rely on alternatives to the traditional top-down, command-and-control regulation, to deal with the challenges posed by AI? What are the legitimacy and democratic issues triggered by the involvement of private actors in the regulation of new technologies? Which is the most appropriate moment for […]