• INBOTS impact on Nature Artificial Intelligence
    After a year of working to create a knowledge community to enable the development of an interactive robotics industry on a common paradigm of responsible research and innovation, the industry is beginning to echo the work that INBOTS is doing. The magazine Nature Artificial Intelligence has published a piece of news making reference to INBOTS and publicizing the work we do. Advances in robotics and digital transformation currently make it possible to move robotic systems beyond the factory assembly line into private and institutional spaces such as our homes, schools and hospitals. In these places, robotics can facilitate human–machine […]
  • INBOTS Workshops at ERF 2019
    This year, to increase the impact of the INBOTS Project we decided to celebrate the event named as INBOTS Conference with a number of workshops, conferences and meeteings that took place during the European Robotics Forum (ERF) 2019 edition in the rumanian city of Bucharest. We started our workshops with one on Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility for Inclusive Robotics, Vincent Müller shared his views on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Aníbal Monasterio Astobiza referred to values in the design of robots, taking into account the functional diversity of end-users. Amparo Grau pointed out the opportunity for companies to […]


Robots are not anymore bound to factories behind fences. Interactive robots are entering our everyday live and standards are needed to describe for example the safe interactive of a human with the robot or the performance that is asked of

The Consortium

25 partners from 13 different countries on the basis of the multidisciplinary expertise and trans-nationality required for meeting its objectives


Papers and other publications Robotics and Labour Law Final Fiscal Law May 2018 Artificial Intelligence and civil law: liability rules for drones