• Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Threat or Opportunity?
    Robots, replicators, automatons, androids… are some of the different names given to self-moving machines. From the animated statues and hydraulic devices of the Middle Ages to the duck of Vaucanson, through the Greek myths that imagined fireworks, robots and self-propelled statues that have captivated the imagination and fed fears about the possibility of creating intelligence and artificial life. Today, the technology dreamt of by myths and sought after by protoengineers of various eras is already possible. […]
  • The elderly’s involvement in technology
    According to a KTH study (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm), older people’s involvement in technology matters, but it hasn’t reached its full potential. Technology holds a huge potential to help improve the elderly’s life quality. However, there still are many barriers to technology adoption by older adults that hinder their involvement process and turn them into passive technology receivers. Even though acceptance and adoption are often proclaimed as the ultimate goals when involving older people in technology projects, the study didn’t show any evidence that these elements represent an immediate […]


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Legal Aspects

Legal Aspects Regarding Robotics Introduction Overview It has been claimed that some robotics and artificial intelligence applications are so technologically advanced, that they require ”a systemic change to laws or legal institutions in order to preserve or rebalance established values”.

Educating on Robotics

Education Programs related to Interactive Robotics . Robots are becoming more suitable to work alongside with humans and are not anymore confined to the industrial environment. Educational Robotics is becoming a worldwide subject of research and discussion, and INBOTS is