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  • New methods to prevent, investigate and mitigate tax crime in the EU
    As part of a series of 18 events organised across Europe, with the support of the European INBOTS project, on Friday 22 January 2021, Prof. Umut Turksen, Professor at Coventry University in the UK and Coordinator of the PROTAX project, presented in Spain the results of the PROTAX project and demonstrated the functioning of the tools that the project has developed so far. The workshop covered the following topics: risk assessment and tax fraud investigation framework, tax policy development and ideas to advance the fight against tax crime. The EU-funded Horizon 2020 project PROTAX focuses on improving investigation and enforcement practices […]
  • One approach to include horizontal aspects in standardisation could be through the funding of European research projects with a Technology Readiness Level of six or higher
    INBOTS is working to develop a standardization and benchmarking strategy related to horizontal aspects of interactive robots, like their safety or performance in different application domains such as medical, industry, consumer and service. This activity is led by Deutsches Institut fuer Normung (DIN) at the Work Package 4 that in collaboration with other partners, is working on identifying current needs in standardization and benchmarking of performance and safety of interactive robots in different application domains. They have been analysing the impact of close human-robot interaction for standardization and benchmarking and defining an […]