• Survey on Robotics in education
    Learning robotics is nowadays no more limited to engineering and technical studies. Robots are spreading outside factories, in everyday life, and this requires that a much wider part of the society becomes aware of how robots are made and can be controlled. In this respect, education plays a fundamental role and INBOTS is compromised with it with a team working on the promotion of highly-accesible and multidisciplinary education programs related to Interactive Robotics. To ensure that all the remarkable issues are attached, INBOTS presents three surveys to identify what are the available educational initiatives for teaching robotics to […]
  • EUROBENCH project FSTP-1 Open Call first results
    The EUROBENCH project, which aim is to built the first benchmarking framework for bipedal robotics, with two facilities and one open software, will sum a total of two FSTP Open Calls to fund third parties who will be in charge of making all the developments required for the achievement of its purposes. The first of these Open Calls was open from July to October 2018, and summed 93 participants from 15 different countries from Europe and abroad, who had presented a total of 53 proposals. The projects submitted has demonstrated a deep collaboration among entities from different countries, having more that the 65% of the proposals more than one […]

The Project

To create a community hub that can bring together experts to debate & create a responsible research & innovation paradigm for robotics

The Consortium

25 partners from 13 different countries on the basis of the multidisciplinary expertise and trans-nationality required for meeting its objectives


Papers and other publications Robotics and Labour Law Final Fiscal Law May 2018 Artificial Intelligence and civil law: liability rules for drones