• INBOTS is presented at the law school of Maynooth University
    On April the 30th, Prof. Enrico Bonadio, from thy City Law School, our Project parnert working on Intellectual Property Regulations affecting Interactive Robotics, atended the law school of Maynooth University where he expanded on the Intellectual Property aspects of robotics and artificial intelligence. During the talk he presented the INBOTS Project, explaining its relevance in terms of influence on the future regulations to be established at European level regarding intellectual property in which an interactive robot intervenes. The attendees – professors, researchers and students – were impressed by the consortium and […]
  • Artificial Legal Personalities, Are there new subjects to contribute due to the progress in robotics and AI?
    Yesterday, Prof. Maria Amparo Grau, our comsortium member from the University Complutense of Madrid attended to the International Day on “Diffuse and Artificial Legal Personalities”, organized by the University of Barcelona, where she contributed to the session on “Artificial Legal Personalities” with the paper entitled: “Are there new subjects to contribute due to the progress in robotics and AI?”. The objective of this international conference was to provide doctoral students in Law and Political Science with an interdisciplinary forum in which to share their projects and first results. Among the specific analysis topics […]


Robots are not anymore bound to factories behind fences. Interactive robots are entering our everyday live and standards are needed to describe for example the safe interactive of a human with the robot or the performance that is asked of

The Consortium

25 partners from 13 different countries on the basis of the multidisciplinary expertise and trans-nationality required for meeting its objectives


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