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  1. Global Robot Expo 2020

    April 1 - April 2
  2. Exoskeletons and Wearable robots

    April 23 @ 8:00 am - April 24 @ 5:00 pm UTC+2


  • WP3: UNISI, leader on tasks for development of educational programs.
    We interviewed Monica Malvezzi, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University of Siena and the INBOTS project coordinator in the WP3. Which is the role of IUVO in the INBOTS project? The researchers of the University of Siena involved in INBOTS have an extensive expertise in education and academic life. We developed a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in robotic grasping, entitled “The Art of Grasping & Manipulation in Robotics”, as well as a Matlab toolbox for modeling and simulating robotic grasping and manipulation. We have connections with schools and frequently provide seminars, lectures, workshops, courses, laboratory […]
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Threat or Opportunity?
    Robots, replicators, automatons, androids… are some of the different names given to self-moving machines. From the animated statues and hydraulic devices of the Middle Ages to the duck of Vaucanson, through the Greek myths that imagined fireworks, robots and self-propelled statues that have captivated the imagination and fed fears about the possibility of creating intelligence and artificial life. Today, the technology dreamt of by myths and sought after by protoengineers of various eras is already possible. […]

Survey on the success of funding

Help us to learn how public funding contributed to the success of your company! At INBOTS we want public funding to be useful for companies, for this reason we are analysing previous experiences in order to improve these instruments. If

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Survey on Tools For Inclusive Robotics

Ethics, RRI, Taxation & Social Dialogue At INBOTS we are concerned about different views on the ethical, legal and socio-economic implications of interactive robotics. We have been gathering knowledge about how to best develop technology under a Responsible Research &