• INBOTS IPR aspects spreaded around Japan
    Dr Enrico Bonadio is currently touring Japanese universities and giving seminars highlighting the research he is conducting in the context of the INBOTS project. Indeed, Dr Bonadio’s research focuses on intellectual property aspects of robotics, and expands on the impact of the artificial intelligence revolution on copyright and patent laws. He has recently visited the University of Tokyo, giving the lecture “The Encounter between Robotics, AI and Intellectual Property“. In late November he will also visit the University of Hokkaido, north Japan, where he will give two seminars highlighting and comparing case law from […]
  • The social robots of the future are in Sweden
    INBOTS is part of the development of a Swedish exhibition that invites the public to reflect on the social robots of the future. The exhibition “Hello Robot” opened on October 5, 2019 at the Work Museum in Norrköping and wants to explain the context of social robots and raise concerns about their role in society. The interaction with robots seems to be here to stay – at home, in the city and in the workplaces. What role do we want social robots to play in the society of the future? In the exhibition, the visitor encounters the social robot Furhat, which was developed at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, in Sweden. The […]

Educating on robotics

Robots are spreading outside factories, in everyday life, and this requires that a much wider part of the society becomes aware of how robots are made and can be controlled. In this respect, education plays a fundamental role and INBOTS

The Project

To create a community hub that can bring together experts to debate & create a responsible research & innovation paradigm for robotics


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