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Survey on the success of funding

Help us to learn how public funding contributed to the success of your company! At INBOTS we want public funding to be useful for companies, for this reason we are analysing previous experiences in order to improve these instruments. If

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Survey on Tools For Inclusive Robotics

Ethics, RRI, Taxation & Social Dialogue At INBOTS we are concerned about different views on the ethical, legal and socio-economic implications of interactive robotics. We have been gathering knowledge about how to best develop technology under a Responsible Research &

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  • What is the future of educational robots? What is the vision of educational robot industry?
    We interview Costas Sisamos, founder of ENGINO, a company dedicated to provide robotics tools to allow children learn how to develop robotics. About the ENGINO company… Tell us a little about your professional career up to now and how you have started Engino. How did you develop the initial idea? I started as a mechanical engineer. I got a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College in London to work in my father’s factory that had professional refrigerators. After one year, I decided that I was more interested in social sciences and I decided to change studies. I gave exams again and […]
  • The first benchmarking framework for robotics is closer
    EUROBENCH project is progressing in the development of the first benchmarking framework for bipedal robotics in europe, and soon, they will be ready to receive the first testers. EUROBENCH is an EU funded project that started in 2018 with the aim of creating a benchmarking framework where two facilities (one in Italy and another one in Spain) and a unified software would allow developers of exoskeletons, prostheses, humanoid robots, and other types of overground robots, test their technologies at the EUROBENCH facilities or from their own laboratory using the unified software. This framework is being built by 17 teams that were selected […]